Rockstar Will Roll Out Three New PvP Modes For Grand Theft Auto Online Next Week Alongside Heists


While all eyes are firmly trained on March 10 in preparation for Heists, Rockstar has confirmed that the long-awaited multiplayer feature isn’t the only new addition making its way to Grand Theft Auto Online next week.

According to a post over on the company’s official Newswire, the studio is set to introduce a trio of game modes in the form of Come Out to Play, Siege Mentality and Hasta La Vista. For the latter, competitive newcomer, players will be divided into teams of two, with one faction getting behind the wheel of numerous big rig cabs, while the others are tasked with evading the oncoming truckers on bike — much like the photo above depicts, really.

In terms of Siege Mentality, GTA Online users are once again pitted against each other in teams, with one occupying a bunker as the defenders, replete with a selection of weaponry, whereas the attackers are limited to sawn-off shotguns. It’s understood this mode in particular will support up to four players.

And finally, Come Out to Play will divide players into teams of three this time round, where one is racing to make it home with the other group hot on their tails. On this occasion, pursuers will boast unlimited lives and, much like Siege Mentality, a sawn-off shotgun, whereas those trying to outrun the hunters will have unlimited weapons but only a single life to their name.

Now that Grand Theft Auto Online has been in the ether for close to eighteen months, Rockstar is ensuring the component’s longevity with the release of Daily Challenges along with objectives and freemode activities that will usher users into missions for high-paying criminals through their mobile phone.

All of this and more will be released for Grand Theft Auto Online in tandem with Heists on March 10. As for GTA V, Rockstar’s beloved sequel hits PC on April 14 after a trio of delays.