SEGA: Nights Into Dreams HD & Sonic Adventure 2 HD Will Launch Next Month

As of late, SEGA has been in a retro-inspired mood, resulting in re-releases of classic titles like Alex Kidd and Shinobi under the publisher’s Vintage Collection banner. However, while more of those digital packages are on the way, Sonic’s creator is also getting set to release high-definition revamps of three of its most talked-about titles: Sonic Adventure 2, NiGHTS into Dreams and Jet Set Radio.

Although SEGA previously confirmed that Jet Set Radio HD will launch this month, a brand new SEGA Heritage Collection (yes, that’s what they’re referring to these releases as) trailer has revealed that the other two revamps will debut next month.

Jet Set Radio HD will grind onto PlayStation Plus on September 11. Following that exclusive debut, it will then become available to those who possess regular PSN accounts on September 18, while an XBLA release is scheduled for the following day. Going further, a Vita version has been pencilled in for an October 16 launch.


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