A New Set Of Dreary Screenshots From Tequila Works’ Deadlight

Set in a dreary and post-apocalyptic version of American West Coast after a fictional epidemic, Tequila WorksDeadlight paints a bleak picture of the human race. Willing to do anything to survive, the remaining members of our kind found inside of the game must fight and scavenge throughout formerly bustling environments, as well as darkened construction. The result is a side-scrolling title that mixes action with elements from the survival horror, puzzle and platforming genres, in order to create an interesting-looking release.

Thanks to VG 24/7, we have several new screenshots from Deadlight, which will give you a better idea of what to expect from this downloadable Xbox LIVE Arcade title and its 1986 time-frame. They’re all featured below for your viewing pleasure.

Deadlight will be released this summer, as part of the service’s Summer of Arcade 2012 promotion.