The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes Release Date Uncovered

It might not seem appropriate for a game based around the world’s most famous detective to have its secrets prematurely uncovered, but for The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, this is just the case.

A press release from independent developers Frogwares detailing the game accidentally let it slip that it will be released on September 25th, perhaps a little surprising considering we are now entering the twilight of August.

The game has not received much attention (at least when compared to the other games coming out later this year), but will be carrying the hopes of of its developer, who described it as “their biggest game yet”.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes immerses the player in 1898 London controlling the one and only Holmes, who has found himself the main suspect in a criminal investigation; how Sherlock proves his innocence is up to the player, providing what looks to be a similar style of game play to L.A. Noire.

So, once again, just under a month until we’ll be able to step into the shoes of one of literary’s most famous detectives.

If you’re still thirsting for more Sherlock, check out the trailer below.

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