Top Apex Legends Streamer Considers Quitting And Going Back To PUBG


Apex Legends just can’t catch a break right now, it seems. Initially considered to be a rising star in the genre following its launch back in February, Respawn’s battle royale passed several massive milestones during its first month. Besides recording player numbers of more than 50 million, the squad-based shooter rocketed past Epic Games’ Fortnite to become the most-watched game on streaming site Twitch in its first 30 days. With those records already under its belt at such a young age, Apex appeared to have all the long-lasting appeal necessary to compete in the genre, but now? Not so much.

The current downward trend isn’t attributable to a single issue, however. Rampant cheating, glaring bugs and performance issues, as well as an overall lack of content, continue to be the major grievances players are voicing their discontent over, with many having already drawn a line in the sand and packed their bags to go elsewhere. Unfortunately for Respawn, the growing dissent has now extended to popular streamers which, with their influence, could well prompt a mass exodus if something doesn’t change soon.

Popular streamer Shroud is the latest to publically denounce Apex Legends in its current state, an outburst of frustration you can witness for yourself below.

“I got about three games left before I quit this game forever,” Shroud says, further adding “I’d rather play PUBG, and that’s saying something.” Shroud was already an extremely popular Twitch streamer prior to Apex Legends‘ release, of course, but Respawn’s title has earned him huge amounts of exposure and success.

That he’s even considering the move speaks volumes to the game’s current state. Ironically enough, shortly after his complaints regarding Apex‘s problems, including its unreliable servers, he drops into a match with awful latency that slows gameplay to a crawl.

Will exposure such as this, seen by players in their thousands, be enough to give Respawn the kick it needs to address Apex Legends‘ myriad problems? Let’s hope so, or else it might not be around for much longer.

Source: Twitch