Silent Hill Creator’s New Horror Game Will Mess With The Player’s Mind

Silent Hill

Konami might be content to let Silent Hill slowly slip into obscurity, but series creator Keiichiro Toyama has other ideas. Having parted ways with the publisher way back in 1999, the famed video game director would go on to spend the next two decades of his career working under Sony, a tenure which reached its end last year. Alongside friends and longtime colleagues Kazunobu Sato and Junya Okura, Toyama founded Bokeh Game Studio, their first major project being to create an all-new addition to the horror genre.

This won’t be anything related to Silent Hill, of course, given that his former employer still owns the IP, but from everything we’ve seen so far, it would certainly seem as if Toyama’s talent for imagining grotesque creatures and planting them in a world dripping with atmosphere, suspense (and probably gallons of blood) is still very much alive. Previously released concept art certainly speaks louder than words in this department. If you haven’t already, check them out below.

While an official name and release date have yet to be provided for the title, a recent video interview with Sato sheds further light on the themes fans can expect Bokeh’s debut game to feature. Besides promising that it will absolutely “mess with the player’s mind,” Sato says a big element of the story will involve sacrifice, the scale of which will be “quite nasty.” Player choice will also be observable in the form of multiple paths of progression, though what exactly this will entail isn’t deliberated upon.

Just how much of Silent Hill‘s DNA will be present in this new adventure remains to be seen, but while we await more details, be sure to let us know in the usual place below what you make of these latest developments!