Silent Hill Creator Teases His New Horror Game

Silent Hill

Konami might not have any idea what to do with its extensive library of beloved IP, but it largely matters little at this point. After all, the original creators of Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid have both long since departed the company to establish their own studios, a result of that being the power to retain creative freedom and control of any new ideas they think into existence. Joining his fellow industry veterans in forging a new path is Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama, who confirmed last year the establishment of indie developer Bokeh Game Studio.

While we imagine fans will be in for a long wait indeed before Toyama’s latest venture yields any fruit, a new video released by Bokeh on YouTube earlier this week provides some welcome insight into what the auteur has been working on over the last several months. And as luck would have it, the first title you can expect to see the team release is a horror-oriented affair, and you can even check out some early art of it down below.

About as macabre as one might expect from the father of Pyramid Head, then, and I’m surely not the only one to be immediately reminded of Visceral’s Dead Space trilogy upon admiring the body horror on display. These creatures definitely share similarities with the Necromorphs, though I’d argue the designs are even more disturbing. Sadly, that’s all Toyama is able to share at this point in time, though it’s reassuring to see, at the very least, that while Silent Hill might not be making a return in name anytime soon, its DNA will continue to live on elsewhere.

Folks interested in watching the entire video exploring Toyama’s video game design philosophies can do so by hitting the link below.