Silent Hill Comes To Fallout 4 With Terrifying New Mod


For some inexplicable reason, Konami seems hellbent on never delivering a proper Silent Hill sequel.

The studio, which at one point in the not too distant past, was renowned for publishing gaming excellence in the form of Metal Gear Solid and the aforementioned survival horror series, has undergone what can only be described as a major shift in priorities as of late. Not since Metal Gear Survive (itself earning somewhat of a lukewarm reception), has the company released a triple-A title, with its latest claim to fame, Contra: Rogue Corps, earning universal criticism for a clear lack of funding and effort.

As for Silent Hill, last we heard, Konami had opted to transform the franchise into this abomination, leaving hopes of a true continuation all but shattered. And so, with such a bleak outlook for the future, fans have had no choice but to take it upon themselves to keep the series’ soul alive.

Silent Hill

Enter Whispering Hills. The mod, created by Mangaclub, transforms Bethesda’s Fallout 4 into a living nightmare filled with monsters that Silent Hill fans will immediately recognize. Once downloaded and installed (link below), players will be greeted by the sight of a thick fog sweeping over post-apocalyptic Boston, with a host of new ambient background sounds included to be more thematically fitting. Ten different weather variations are included as well, says Mangaclub, some of which, they say, signifies an unfortunate trip to the Otherworld. Spoilers: that’s not somewhere you want to go.

Yet more evidence that a massive appetite for a new Silent Hill experience still exists, then, and it remains to be seen if Konami will ever again do anything meaningful with the license. Considering the company recently sold off the IP’s online domain name for a meagre $10,000, though, the outlook doesn’t look good.

As such, Hideo Kojima’s P.T. may well be last ever official Silent Hill we get. What a travesty.

Source: Mod DB