New Silent Hill Reboot Reportedly In The Works At Sony

Silent Hill

That wait for a new Silent Hill game could soon be over.

Following on from a number of recent reports claiming that IP owner Konami has been shopping around for a developer to take on the task of bringing the series back, it now seems as if the publisher has found the right people for the job. As per Rely on Horror, sources close to the project have told the site that veterans Masahiro Ito, Keiichiro Toyama and Akira Yamaoka are all involved in what they’re told is being billed as a “soft reboot” of the survival horror franchise.

As if that wasn’t already enough to boost your hopes of a grand comeback, the same sources also specify that Sony is actively pursuing the venture and has brokered some sort of agreement with Konami, likely with the end goal of an exclusivity deal for the upcoming PlayStation 5.

Silent Hill

An outlandish claim at first glance it may seem, but corroborating evidence does already exist. We know by way of past teasers provided by Masahiro Ito (longtime Silent Hill art director) that he’s currently working on a new, unnamed project and that Konami is well aware of fan demand for Silent Hill‘s return. Assuming everything we’ve heard up to this point is accurate, then, the two-game plan is very much going ahead and one could even be a revival of Hideo Kojima’s cancelled title.

Sony is reportedly acting as something of an intermediary in order to help Konami and Kojima mend their much-publicized falling out, the aim being to resurrect Silent Hills itself as a narrative-driven title said to make use of the PlayStation VR peripheral. Rely on Horror specifies that this second venture has yet to be given the go-ahead, however, with only the first game currently in development at Sony’s SIE Japan Studio.

We’ll update you with any further developments as and when they come but in the meantime, be sure to let us know your take on the above in the usual place below!