New Skylanders Trap Team Characters & Details Announced


Since the North American release of Skylanders Trap Team is fast approaching, it makes sense that Activision would unveil a bunch of new character information and promotional media at San Diego Comic-Con – which is exactly what has happened. We have new artwork and in-game screenshots of several playable Skylanders making their debut in Trap Team, including the monochrome variants of certain characters exclusive to the recently-announced Dark Edition, as well as the announcement of the first “premium” toy sets for the series.

The new characters keep with series tradition in sporting varied and colorful designs, along with ties to their particular element, like the watery blob Gulper. My personal favorite has to be Sheep Creep, both because of its nods to the peaceful creatures making recurring appearances in both Skylanders and the original Spyro the Dragon games, as well as the fact that it’s a sheep with rocket launchers mounted on its sides, which is hard to top in my opinion.

The new premium line, which will be called “Eon’s Elite” after the Skylanders’ master, will be comprised of eight returning characters from previous games, such as Spyro and Chop Chop. The physical figurines will each sport an exclusive golden base and metallic finish, as well as a foil package with unique backgrounds. In the actual game, the characters will also be noticeably stronger than their regular versions, with the ability to be up to three times more powerful than usual. It’s safe to assume that figures in the Eon’s Elite line will cost more, and it’s already been confirmed that their supplies will be limited, so hardcore Skylanders collectors will want to keep their eyes peeled for them.

Skylanders Trap Team will launch in North America on October 5 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, and the 3DS. We will keep you updated on the game as more details are announced.