Sleeping Dogs 101 Trailer Ratchets Up The Action

A new trailer for Sleeping Dogs has hit the Internet, giving us a look at the sandbox action game’s many unique facets through the use of in-depth and visceral gameplay footage. Its engaging martial arts style combat system is highlighted with extra detail, explaining how in-game fight clubs provide an exciting way to let off steam and gain bonuses. However, there’s much more to this nearly five minute-long preview video than that.

You’ll also see how slow motion cover exits increase the main character’s chances of survival during intense gunfights, gain tips for combative driving, see how completed actions affect your reputation and receive advice on how to unwind in Hong Kong’s varied regions.

Sleeping Dogs is scheduled to go undercover on August 14 and, based on what I’ve seen from it thus far, it’s become one of my most-anticipated titles of this sweltering season.

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