Someone Has Already Beaten DOOM’s Ultra Nightmare Difficulty


Last month, before DOOM released worldwide, we brought you the news that the developers of the game had never been able to beat the Ultra Nightmare difficulty mode. Now that the game is available, however, one YouTuber has managed to do just that.

Zero Master has staked a claim to be the first player to manage to beat the insanely tough mode, uploading the video to the site a couple of days ago. Thousands have viewed it and congratulated the successful player for making it through the gruelling challenge that not even the game’s own developers had been able to master.

For those of you who don’t know, DOOM‘s Ultra Nightmare setting is essentially the game played on the Nightmare difficulty but with the added caveat of permadeath. If you die at any stage during your playthrough, you’ll be sent right back to the very beginning. The mode also features a fallen helmet throughout the levels to show you the stages where your friends had previously perished.

DOOM released for PS4, Xbox One and PC last week, and you can check out our own review of the game right here.