‘Sonic Frontiers’ release inspires fans to share reactions, memes, and glitches galore


With the highly-anticipated release of Sonic Frontiers Tuesday on most modern consoles, the initial reactions from fans are proving to mirror those of critics: It’s all over the place.

One fan’s reaction was that despite many rough edges, it was a fun experience overall, based on the playthrough of the game’s first “island.”

Another Twitter user could not help but point out Sonic’s very sleepy-looking and somewhat suggestive eyes used prominently throughout the game’s cutscenes.

An Xbox user took the time to point out a major glitch in Sonic Frontiers, namely the Blue Blur clipping through the terrain, a problem that has also been pointed out by reviewers.

Another Sonic fan felt the end result of the game did not live up to the hype built up from the trailer.

Sonic Frontiers was firmly operating in the no man’s land of “between good and okay” for one Twitter user, owing to its overly “repetitive” gameplay loop, which is sadly a fairly high mark when compared to the majority of other entries in the franchise.

And of course, Sonic’s ability to make drawings from his running path in the game inspired multiple gamers to immediately make a nod to Among Us.

Another Twitter user shared a more immature piece of Sonic art that would not look out of place in the margins of a middle schooler’s notebook, using the new ability.

The g-force speeds that can be achieved in Sonic Frontiers‘ free-roaming “open zone” sections proved “AWESOME” for one gamer, particularly during the boss fights contained in the world.

Another Sonic fanatic went so far as to buy the Nintendo Switch copy of Sonic Frontiers while wearing the speedy hedgehog’s iconic red shoes.

Another PlayStation 4 user shared the quite impressive-looking confrontation with one of the many large-scale bosses that can be found in Sonic Frontiers’ open zone.

Although another Twitter users’ experience was only five minutes into the game, they nevertheless described it as “fun” so far and with “relaxing” tunes, to boot.

One gamer proclaimed the game to look “so pretty”, especially during the night scenes.

The map function of Sonic Frontiers, which arguably resembles Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, was highlighted by one Twitter user.

Similar to the fan reactions, the critical response to Sonic Frontiers has been decidedly mixed so far. However, it’s not all bad. For instance, we gave our own glowing review of Sonic Frontiers, which We Got This Covered writer Jon Hueber largely found to be a breathtakingly ambitious effort that has pointed the franchise in the right direction.

You can currently purchase Sonic Frontiers on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.