Sony Confirms PS4 Worldwide Sales Now North Of 50 Million

PlayStation 4.5

Buoyed by the “best ever Black Friday week in the history of PlayStation,” Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that as of December 6, PlayStation 4 has sold through upwards of 50 million units to consumers across the globe, a figure that also accounts for sales of both the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim.

No specific figures were released regarding PlayStation’s performance during the hectic Black Friday period – interestingly, a third-party report has claimed Xbox One outperformed PS4 across the Black Friday weekend, which has become something of a trend recently now that Microsoft’s hardware has been perched atop the NPD hardware charts for four consecutive months. Alas, Microsoft is yet to release any official statement.

Meanwhile, PS4 software sales have now broke past 369.6 million across retail and digital (read: the PlayStation Store) as of December 4, with Sony reaffirming plans to “continue to expand the world of PS4 to deliver entertainment experiences that are only possible on PlayStation.”

Andrew House, President and Global CEO of SIE, released the following statement:

“We’re truly delighted that the PS4 community continues to flourish since launch three years ago. With tremendous support from our fans and partners across the globe, this year we were able to deliver an unprecedented lineup of hardware such as the new slimmer PS4, PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR. We will continue to provide the best gaming experiences available through our ground-breaking software lineup and network services, as we focus on accelerating our business and expanding the PS4 ecosystem.”

It’s official: Worldwide sales of the PlayStation 4 are now north of 50 million. As things stand, that puts Sony’s flagship hardware just ahead of the SNES (49.1 million) and within touching distance of Nintendo’s 3DS (61.9 million) on the industry’s ranking of best-selling systems. For comparison, lifetime sales of the PS3 stand at around 80 million.