Sony Courts Community Feedback For New PlayStation 4 Features


Sony has invited consoles owners to submit feedback to the company’s developers to pinpoint the most-desired new features for PlayStation 4.

President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, took to Twitter to direct any and all requests toward Toshimasa Aoki, one of Sony’s lead supervisors when it comes to firmware updates and the as-yet-unreleased virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus.

PSOne classic support. Uncompressed screenshots. Trophy leaderboards. Already, a flood of fan-requested features have been directed to both Aoki and Yoshida-san, and given how Sony has taken heed of PS4 feedback in the past, this open call for submissions isn’t merely lip service.

More recently, the company implemented the long-awaited suspend and resume feature for PlayStation 4, which allows users to pause a game at any given time, switch the console into a low-power state, and pick up exactly where they left off at a later time — similarly to the PlayStation Vita, actually. Still, there’s always ways in which to improve the general user experience on the system, and at least now fans have an active channel to direct their suggestions for any potential updates.

Tell us, which feature do you think is missing from PlayStation 4 currently? Indeed, do you hope any of those aforementioned bells and whistles – particularly PSOne and PS2 support – will be implemented in the near future? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter