Sony Files For Two New PlayStation 4 Models, With One Sporting A 1TB HDD


DualShockers brings word that Sony has just registered two filings with the Federal Communications Commission for a pair of all-new PlayStation 4 models. Referred to as CUH-1215A and CUH-1215B – how fetching – the facet that has piqued the interest of fans is that the latter sports a 1TB hard drive.

In typical fashion, the publisher has refused to comment on rumor or speculation lest it spoil the E3 surprise, though the fact that DualShockers was able to capture an image of the registered products mean that a more capacious PS4 is all but confirmed.

Here’s a copy of said screenshot, notice the expanded HDD capacity:


It’s an upgrade that has long been on the cards at Sony for some time, and the fact that Microsoft has already released a 1TB Xbox One alongside Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare meant that it was a question of when, rather than if, the Japanese publisher would formally unveil an expanded PS4.

Currently, the only means of upgrading the system’s HDD is to either manually switch out the internal 2.5″ hard drive for a more spacious counterpart or, on the other hand, by purchasing a third-party device such as the Nyko PlayStation Data Bank, meaning that 3.5″ disks –  which are much cheaper than their next of kin – are compatible with your system.

Perhaps what’s even more interesting is that, according to the listing above, both of these revised PS4 models are slightly lighter and consume less power than the standard model. It’s not a big enough difference to warrant claims that the PlayStation 4 Slim is imminent, though it seems safe to assume that Sony will announce a slightly more ergonomic system at E3 in a couple of weeks’ time.

Source: DualShockers