Sony Giving Away Free Gift To Disappointed PS Plus Subscribers

PS Plus Playstation

Sony is offering PlayStation Plus subscribers two months of access to Funimation Now Premium, completely free of charge. Access to the anime streaming service – which otherwise would cost you about $12 – is the company’s way of apologizing for disappointing their consumers earlier this month.

Every full moon, PlayStation Plus subscribers receive access to a select number of free games. May’s selection, however, was kind of a bummer. After being offered a choice between two subpar titles – a city-building game called Cities: Skylines and the self-explanatory Farming Simulator 19 fans flocked to social media to voice their dissatisfaction with Sony’s latest menu.

While it may seem kind of uncalled for to complain about free content, please remember that, up until quite recently, gamers were not required to pay for a subscription just to be able to use their already expensive consoles.

But even if we lived in a parallel reality where the PlayStation Network had remained a right, not a privilege, these agitated subscribers would have still had our sympathies. Had Sony wished to avoid this skirmish, it should have simply known not to follow up last month’s stellar selections, which included Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and DiRT Rally 2.0, with such throwaway titles.

That said, the apology is certainly a nice gesture. Funimation, the chief American agency for dubbing Japanese content, has a wealth of content at its disposal, and those who accept Sony’s offer will get to dive through a pretty extensive library that’s comprised of modern hits like My Hero Academia and Black Clover, contemporary classics such as Dragon Ball Z and One Piece, and even real oldies along the lines of Cowboy Bebop.