Sony: PlayStation 4 Pre-Orders Tracking “Way Over” PS2 And PS3

playstation-4 ps4 e3-2013 (2)

After having struggled through the launch of the PS3 and PS Vita, Sony appears to have set themselves up for a massive turnaround with the PlayStation 4. According to the platform holder, the upcoming next-gen console has topped one million pre-orders LTD, and it is now tracking “way over” the pre-orders for their prior two consoles.

Speaking to VideoGamer, Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara revealed the positive early sales news, saying:

“[PlayStation 4 pre-orders are tracking] way over and above and beyond the pre-order number at launch day [of the PS2 and PS3]. We’re not disclosing the exact number [of PS4 units] that we’ll have on day one. Clearly we’re working hard to satisfy a lot of countries. We mentioned 32 countries last night.”

“The one comment I’ll make about the pre-order number is first of all, it’s greater than a million, and secondly, the UK represents a very healthy slug of that. We’re undeniably seeing a sea change.”

“I’m very very pleased with it, so we will be looking at sell outs in areas. We’re doing everything we can to secure every last unit … so we an do out very best to meet the demand as it stands for day one and clearly chasing there after.”

“It’s a little bit of a problem, but it’s good problem to have.”

While topping the $600 beast that was the launch day PS3 is not really an accomplishment worth bragging about, it is extremely impressive that the PlayStation 4 is currently tracking ahead of the legendary PS2 — which went on to become the best-selling video game console of all time, with over 150 million units in lifetime sales.

We will have to wait and see how the next-gen battle shakes out this Holiday season before we can say who won this early skirmish, but it is a safe bet to say that the PlayStation 4‘s lower price point and wider launch plans are going to result in an uphill battle for the Xbox One.