Sony Releases Cryptic, Pre-Gamescom Teaser


sony playstation 4 announcement

In advance of gamescom 2014, Sony has released an eleven second-long, PlayStation-related video, that is undoubtedly some sort of teaser. However, even after studying it, we’re left without an idea as to what it’s all about.

The video — which is appropriately titled “#PlayStationGC” — starts off with a touch of serenity, by showing what looks like a typical snowfall. It doesn’t take long before things start to get weird, though, thanks to a lone snowflake and dripping blood. Once those two things come into view, the teaser’s short-lived serenity is no more, and it’s not long before we’re treated to both a cracking pane of ice and another view of the same snowflake, which has become drenched in crimson.

Take a look for yourself, then head to our comments section to tell us what you think Sony has up its cryptic sleeves.

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