Sony: Sharing Gameplay On PlayStation 4 Won’t Require A PS Plus Subscription


In the wake of Microsoft confirming that DVR functionality on the Xbox One will require an Xbox Live Gold subscription, Sony has addressed the very same topic regarding their own next-gen machine; the PlayStation 4. Responding to a fan’s question via Twitter, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida stated that the console’s ability to record and share gameplay will be available to all users, rather than just PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Here’s what Yoshida had to say:


While simple, Yoshida’s confirmation will please much of the PlayStation fabase. The ability to record and share gameplay footage is perhaps one of the most anticipated feature of Sony’s new console. Considering the continuing popularity of the ‘Let’s Play’ video and other variations of walkthroughs, granting all PlayStation 4 owners with the feature from day one seems like a sound decision on the company’s behalf.

At its core, the feature permits the console to continually record the latest 15 minutes of gameplay, thereby giving users the option to publish it online via the DualShock 4’s ‘share’ button. Thereafter, the video can be edited and cropped before uploading the clip to a variety of social networks via uStream.

The fact that PS4’s DVR functionalities will be available to all users will allay any fears concerning the stringency of Playstation Plus. Today’s news mirrors similar stories regarding the subscription, which will not be required for streaming services – namely Netflix and Hulu – and specific free-to-play games – although the latter caveat is subject to the individual publisher. What’s more, with MMOs such as DC Universe Online, PlanetSide 2, Warframe and Blacklight: Retribution not requiring a PS Plus subscription, it seems that Sony isn’t planning to withhold content from the other side of the $40 paywall when their console hits the market this Holiday season.

What do you make of the confirmation? Do you value the ability to capture your gameplay footage? Indeed do you think the opposing perspectives between Microsoft and Sony regarding the feature will impact public opinion of the PlayStation 4? Give us your thoughts below.