Sony Surprises PlayStation Owners With Special PS4 Freebie

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

PlayStation 4 owners are able to download a free gift courtesy of Sony starting today as part of an ongoing event. Kickstarted earlier this month to coincide with the company’s annual Days of Play promotion, gamers have spent the last few weeks working towards achieving a number of goals in an effort to unlock special rewards. To complete the first challenge, participants needed to collectively play 2.4 million games and earn a grand total of 7.2 million trophies across the console’s vast library of available titles.

Unsurprisingly, the task was met with fierce determination and resulted, last week, in both prerequisites being smashed. The prize for this dedication, as many may have guessed based on similar events in the past, is a snazzy new theme for users to customize their PS4 dashboards with.

Check out the visual makeover for yourself in the gallery down below:

This time around, Sony has sweetened the deal by throwing in an extra PSN avatar and both can be downloaded free of charge upon turning you console on and receiving a notification. There is, however, an unfortunate caveat to this goodwill gesture.

As the PlayStation 5 is unable to be customized in the same way as its predecessor, this theme is incompatible with the next-gen device, meaning you’ll either have to make do with just the avatar or forego the cosmetics entirely. Naturally, this has prompted fans to once again call on the platform holder to reconsider its stance on the situation, but no official comment on the matter has been made.

As always, though, we want to hear what you think! Will you be taking advantage of this special freebie? Let us know in the usual place below.

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