New Soul Calibur 5 Trailer From Gamescom

Namco Bandai Games has released a new trailer from Gamescom in Cologne, for the next game in their longstanding fighting game franchise, Soul Calibur 5.

Soul Calibur 5 is set a full seventeen years after the events of the fourth game in the series and sees Patroklos Alexandra (Sophitia’s son) battle it out with returning combatants, such as Ivy and Mitsurugi as well as some new ones. The new additions include Taki’s apprentice Natsu and even Patroklos’ own sister, Pyrrha. As always, the game is a battle between good and evil for the powerful Soul swords.

In case you’re wondering and you haven’t already skipped all this text and just watched the trailer, yes it does reveal four more of the game’s returning characters: Hilde, Voldo, Maxi and Tira.

It’s kind of nice to see Soul Calibur once again, since it serves as a nice break from the constant rehashing of the Ultimate Super Mega Turbo games. You know who I’m talking about. Let’s just hope that the game has evolved enough to merit another game in the franchise being made.