South Park: The Game May Henceforth Be Known As South Park: The Stick Of Truth

If the Xbox LIVE Marketplace listing for Obsidian‘s upcoming South Park RPG is to be believed, the game has received a new title. The page contains what seems to be an official box art image, alongside a banner ad, both of which feature the following title: South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Within the image, the series’ mischievous elementary students are decked out in genre costumes, with Eric Cartman donning a wizard’s robes and pointy hat. He’s holding a tiny branch, which could be the all-powerful stick referenced in the new title.

When the game was originally unveiled via a Game Informer cover story, it went by the name of South Park: The Game, which had to have been a placeholder. However, even though we expected that the title would eventually be changed, this listing is not concrete evidence of that. After all, a mistake could have been made.

Obsidian has yet to officially comment on this rumour.

Thanks, Game Informer

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