Speed, Dirt And Dents All Factor Into Criterion’s Latest Need For Speed: Most Wanted Gameplay Video

The great thing about the racing game genre is its complete lack of real-life implications. If you total a car, it will almost always respawn for you, and any accumulated dirt can be removed without a dull trip to the car wash. That’s a good thing considering the amount of high octane carnage that most series offer, with scrapes, bumps and dents acting as regular results.

In Electronic Arts’ latest promotional video for Criterion’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted revamp, expensive vehicles are put to the test during insanely fast chases and speed-filled races. As would be the case in real life, bumps and crashes result in visible damage, while trips through the mud turn shiny metallic surfaces into dirt-covered canvases.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted will be out on October 30, and those who wish to secure themselves a copy of the game’s limited edition will want to put a deposit down well before that date arrives.