Spinoff Card Game Titanfall: Frontline Announced For Mobile, Releases This Fall


Card games and shooters may go together like chalk and cheese, but that hasn’t stopped Titanfall 2 dev Respawn Entertainment from teaming up with Korean studio Nexon and mobile developer Particle City to create Titanfall: Frontline, a free-to-play card game coming to Android and iOS devices this fall.

According to the official website, Titanfall: Frontline is set within the same fictional universe as the triple-A FPS franchise and casts you as a commander in a “fast-paced head-to-head strategy card battler.” In stark contrast to existing CCGs like Hearthstone and Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, matches in Frontline play out entirely in real time, meaning you’ll need to react to your opponents plays on the fly, rather than being able to formulate an effective counter during their turn.

As you’d suspect, the cards you can collect through gameplay are themed after the titular Titan robots as well as Pilots, weapons and Burn Cards. That latter type was present in the original Titanfall, where they functioned as single-use buffs that disappeared after being burned, so it’ll be interesting to see how the mechanic transitions to an actual card game.

Additionally, Respawn says that Pilot and Titan cards can be combined to deal “extra damage” and can be toggled to go into auto-mode to cover your Pilot as he attacks. Hundreds of cards and combinations are being promised for launch, although it appears as if Respawn isn’t quite ready to give a firm release date.

Meanwhile, Titanfall 2 comes to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 28.