New Star Wars Battlefront II Game Mode Releases This Week


To say Star Wars Battlefront II has had a tumultuous history is an understatement. Upon launch in 2017, fans and critics alike directed their dissatisfaction with the team-based shooter’s prevalence of loot boxes at EA, which was subsequently forced to renege on its original plans. The entire system was disabled in light of the negative press, revamped, and reintroduced months later, remedying many of the concerns voiced previously. Since then, developer DICE has continued on behind the scenes to add new content in the form of maps, weapons and playable heroes/villains, but even those pale in comparison to what’s on the horizon.

As per EA’s official announcement, tomorrow marks the arrival of Capital Supremacy, a brand new mode that pits two teams of 20 players against each other in an epic Clone War-era battle. As a first for the sequel, and in an effort to make each firefight feel grander in scale, DICE will be introducing AI-controlled opponents for Capital Supremacy to bolster player numbers, mimicking their role in the 2015 original.

As for the rules of engagement, each match will be split into two distinct phases: Ground and Invasion. In the first, the attacking side will be required to capture and remain in control of the various command posts peppered across new map Pipeline Junction West as a means of ushering in reinforcements. Should they muster enough reserves, the attackers will then take the fight to the enemy capital ship, each one serving as an additional map in its own right. By clearing a path to a capital ship’s structural weak points and detonating charges, victory will belong to the attackers. Fail, however, and the match will revert back to the Ground Phase, giving the defending team a chance to steal the victory.

On paper, Capital Supremacy promises to provide an epic sense of scale that Star Wars fans show an unending appetite for. If the tug of war format proves successful, who knows – DICE might well add more maps and features in the future.

For now, though, Star Wars Battlefront II players can look forward to reenacting the Clone Wars in-game beginning March 26 as part of a free update.

Source: EA