Star Wars Battlefront II To Get Clone Wars DLC And More


Many gamers have been disappointed in Star Wars Battlefront II, Electronic Arts’ latest video game set in that galaxy far, far away. The controversial title has received little additional content since its launch, save for some lackluster material like new character skins and the occasional game mode. This is contrary to promises from members of Battlefront II‘s development team, who finally made good on their word and shocked everyone by announcing something pretty exciting this weekend.

During the EA Play event, they revealed that free content based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a computer animated television series cancelled in 2012, will be coming to Battlefront II at some point this year. Players will be able to explore the planet Geonosis in a new, non-linear fashion that incorporates the largest map ever created for the game, and joining the list of playable heroes are iconic characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku.

In addition to Clone Wars-related content, Battlefront II is also set receive several other updates. First among these is a new squad system that will make playing with friends much easier. Furthermore, a new mode called Hero Starfighters is to be added in July, which enables teams of players to fight one another while in control of popular Star Wars vehicles.

It’s truly fantastic to see that EA intends to deliver almost everything that the Star Wars Battlefront II community wants. Yesterday’s reveals are all very exciting, to say the least, and while it’s currently unknown when most of them will be released, players can use the second half of the Solo season to tide themselves over in the meantime when it rolls out on June 12th.

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