Star Wars Battlefront II Won’t Get Paid DLC Despite Fan Petition


In what’s fast becoming one of this year’s strangest stories in the world of video games, Star Wars Battlefront II fans in their thousands eager to “keep the game alive” in light of recent developments continue to sign a petition calling on EA to reconsider its stance. To those unfamiliar with what all the fuss is about, the salient facts are all here for you to read in disbelief.

You surely don’t need us to spell out the obvious irony engrained in this particular story but suffice it to say, it’s impossible not to find humor in a campaign that’s essentially calling on Battlefront II‘s publisher to charge money for something that was only made free in the first place due to massive backlash over the original game. Alas, one brief glance at Christen Adler’s petition over on will immediately tell you that this is far from a joke, though it may as well be, as neither DICE or EA appear to have any intention of making a U-turn.

After having been bombarded over on social media with posts eager to make him aware of the situation, DICE’s Ben Walke finally acknowledged its existence, though quickly shut down any prospect of it having a meaningful impact, saying:

You keep posting this to me but I’m not sure what you want me to do with this? The team has seen it, but it’s not our call. I really love that almost 30k of you have signed it, but over 200k signed the alternative petition to this 2.5 years ago. Perspective.

Walke’s comments could be interpreted as him implying that 200,000 signatures would be enough to cause some serious reconsideration, of course, though with the total number currently at just under 65,000, that’s unlikely to occur regardless. Bizarre, to say the least, and it goes without saying that we’ll keep you abreast of any further developments as and when they come.

Oh, and we should note, too, that Star Wars Battlefront II, contrary to what many apparently believe, is still very much alive and kicking and will continue to receive events on a regular basis. See here for all the details.