Star Wars Battlefront II Writer Reveals Iden Versio’s Whereabouts During The Mandalorian

Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II writer Mitch Dyer could be teasing something big for the game’s portagonist, Iden Versio.

Having received a question from one player recently asking what the Imperial trooper turned Rebel hero has been up to during the time period covered in Disney’s The Mandalorian, actress Janina Gavankar – who lends her voice and likeness to Iden – opened the floor for others, most notably Dyer, to answer the query for her. Rather than not respond or provide a non-commital answer as one might expect, however, Dyer had some interesting details indeed to share with fans of the character.

According to him, Ms. Versio is a former Rebel by the events of The Mandalorian and what’s more, is considered a war hero in the New Republic. Having subsequently married and on the verge of becoming a mother, one would be forgiven for thinking that all that remains for the war veteran is a quiet life away from the frontlines, but that, it seems, is apparently not the case at all.

Before signing off, Dyer teases that Iden is “ready for more stories,” adding: “For those who are curious what she might be up to. I know I am.” Naturally, many have taken the above as a sign or subtle nod, if you will, that Star Wars Battlefront II‘s protagonist will be making a future appearance in Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni’s acclaimed show, and this certainly isn’t the first time that links between the two have been hinted at.

Whether any of this will ultimately lead to a crossover remains to be seen, of course, though we imagine all focus right now will be on finding a replacement for Cara Dune actress Gina Carano, following her sacking over a series of controversial social media posts. See here for the full story.