Star Wars Fans Freaking Out Over Squadrons Reveal Trailer

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons has officially been confirmed as EA’s next game set in the Galaxy Far, Far Away, but what is it, exactly? Older fans with fond memories of LucasArts’ Rogue Squadron series released for N64 and GameCube will assuredly be immediately familiar with what EA Motive’s first standalone release will entail. For the latecomers and younglings out there, there’s really only one key piece of information you need to know – this is an arcade-style dogfighter that aims to realize any would-be star pilot’s dream.

With a release date confirmed for later this year, fans can no doubt expect to see some direct gameplay footage over the months to come but even now, it seems yesterday’s cinematic spectacle has sent hype levels through the roof. Check out just some of the early reactions over on social media below.

Some have already spotted a number of Easter eggs in the trailer, too, including brief appearances by Hera Syndulla from Star Wars Rebels and legendary Rebel pilot Wedge Antilles.

Others have been quick to point out the jaw-dropping visual quality, with particular praise going to the Star Destroyer rising from beneath a sea of clouds. Bespin, perhaps?


Arriving just in time to see out what’s likely to be Xbox One and PlayStation 4’s final weeks before the release of next-gen consoles, Star Wars: Squadrons takes flight on October 2nd for the aforementioned platforms as well as PC. Interestingly, EA has subsequently confirmed that this particular addition to the franchise will launch at the budget price of $39.99, though one shouldn’t take that as an indication of quality. Chances are, the lower price tag is simply a result of this being a smaller-scale, more niche product compared to, say, Battlefront II and Jedi: Fallen Order, but we’ll see. Stay tuned for more details.