Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 1 & 2 Ports Reportedly Coming This Year


A potential modern day sequel to BioWare and Obsidian’s acclaimed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games might not be the only project bearing the name currently in the works, it seems.

According to comments shared by Cinelinx’s Jordan Maison over on Twitter, Lucasfilm Games is currently investigating the possibility of porting the original KotOR and its sequel to current-gen consoles. While Maison doesn’t explicitly mention any applicable platforms for the unconfirmed rereleases, he does describe the process as being similar in scope to Episode I: Racer and Jedi Knight‘s recent reemergence on Nintendo Switch as digital-only downloads via the eShop. That being the case, the site’s editor is keen to stress that these would take the form of basic ports – likely featuring upscaled textures and widescreen support – and not remakes.

Welcome if slightly underwhelming news, then, though it’s worth noting that this doesn’t necessarily rule out a ground-up remake of either title.

Maison stipulates that a fully-fledged remake could still be on the cards and is intended to have several elements reworked in order to make the Exile and Darth Revan’s story slot straight into Disney’s revised canon. Again, nothing is confirmed at this point, but there’s rarely ever smoke without fire. Chances are, any big announcements will be held back until annual May the 4th celebrations take place, so we don’t expect anything official to make the headlines until the summer months at the earliest.

As for the wider realm of Star Wars news, an unverified leak over on Reddit claiming to have inside information concerning Respawn’s Jedi: Fallen Order sequel suggests the studio is aiming for a late 2022 release. See here for the full story.