New Star Wars: Squadrons Screenshots Tease Awesome Aerial Combat

star wars squadrons

If you’re of the opinion that Star Wars Battlefront II‘s aerial combat sections represent some of the game’s greatest, most memorable moments, then Star Wars: Squadrons was made for you.

Officially revealed with an action-packed trailer yesterday following numerous leaks, EA Motive’s dogfighter looks ready and willing to recapture the lightning in a bottle that made LucasArts’ Rogue Squadron series a smash hit for Nintendo back in the early 2000s. Can it pull off such a feat? We couldn’t possibly say this early on, though one component that’s naturally already objectively superior is Squadrons‘ visuals. The developer has yet to confirm what engine its first standalone project is built on, though we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that DICE’s Frostbite was the go-to choice.

That would certainly explain the ridiculous visual clarity on display in a batch of screenshots released just recently. Feast your eyes on the impressive snaps below.

While we’ve yet to learn just how much combat and ship variety (this is a budget title, remember) Motive intends to include in Squadrons, it would appear, based on the above, that both Empire and Rebel Alliance players will at the very least have access to four different spacecraft, though there are some glaring omissions. Sorry, B-wing fans, it looks like the unconventionally shaped fighter hasn’t made the cut for this rodeo.

That’s just speculation, of course. There’s every chance that Motive is simply withholding certain details for the purposes of future announcements. Regardless, be sure to let us know in the usual place below which starcraft not pictured above you’d love to see be pilotable in Star Wars: Squadrons when it arrives later this year on October 2nd.