Steep Players Getting Free Alaska DLC On February 10


Players of Ubisoft’s extreme sports title Steep will be whisked away to the frigid slopes of the Alaskan tundra next month with some free DLC, the developer has announced. A new map and collection of events will be included as part of the add-on, which will launch February 10 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Equally exciting, however, is the arrival today of the game’s 1.04 update, which offers a huge range of new features and improvements to the core gameplay experience. Changes to how G-force impacts affect your unfortunate avatar to more accurate jumping mechanics are just some of the tweaks Ubisoft mentions, but there’s much more than that. Check the video above for more details.

As for new features, well, there’s quite a few of them. A new Welcome Dashboard will now greet you upon booting up the game, which puts the most important and relevant news right in front of your eyeballs, with a suggested content section also integrated to make sure players are never confused as to what to do next. Up next are the Steep World Tour and Community Challenges. The former is a repeating tournament open to everyone with its own rank tracker, while the latter does exactly what it says on the tin, i.e. player-made challenges. Rounding out the already generous patch are new customization items and the much-requested option to hide the on-screen HUD. Now there’s nothing stopping you from snapping the perfect shot of your antics in the Alps.

While all of the above is free, Steep does have its own Season Pass chock-full of content due to be released over the coming months. You can read more about that here or if you’ve yet to give the winter sports title a look, give our review a quick read. If you’re planning on picking up a Nintendo Switch on March 3 and find yourself struggling to find something to play on the new console, Ubisoft recently confirmed that Steep will be available on the device following launch.