Steep Season Pass Contents Detailed, Includes Additional Costumes, Activities And Challenges


Ubisoft’s chilly winter sports title Steep launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC tomorrow, and the publisher has released the full details on the sorts of content players will get access to as part of the game’s season pass.

Three separate add-on packs are included, as well as a collection of extra goodies exclusive to those that buy it. A snowman costume, 10,000 extra Steep Credits and 10 helicopter tickets – which allow players to travel to “almost anywhere” on the playable map – are the extra incentives, with the Winter Fest, Extreme and Adrenaline packs forming the bulk of the post-launch content.

Winter Fest Pack

The weakest-sounding of the three, Winter Fest includes an unspecified amount of new costumes and challenges for digital thrill-seekers, as well as the Winter Sled item that brings with it new stunts and tricks for players to pull off during their travels across Steep’s snowy peaks and icy slopes.

Extreme Pack

Like Winter Fest, the Extreme Pack will come with a bunch of new challenges as well as three new sports activities. Rocket Wings, Base Jumping and Speed Gliding will all be introduced as a means to offer players more risque options. You can see all three in-game by way of the above trailer.

Adrenaline Pack

The biggest of the bunch, the Adrenaline Pack includes two wingsuits, additional equipment, three new costumes and three new Night Challenges. Adding to that, more cosmetic options in the form of new boards and additional outfits are crammed in, too. What the difference is between outfits and costumes remains to be seen, but we imagine Ubisoft will come forward with more details at a later date.

Steep is available from December 2 on all major platforms. Look out for our review of the extreme sports title in the near future.