Resident Evil Village File Size Revealed In New Listing

Resident Evil Village

As Capcom has repeatedly promised, it looks as if Resident Evil Village truly is going to be a substantially larger game than its predecessor.

Confirmation of that fact comes via an updated listing for the sequel over on the Microsoft store, which stipulates that the entire download is approximately 50.02 GB in size. This figure, however, encompasses not only Village‘s core campaign but its accompanying multiplayer component, RE: Verse, too, with allocations for both being in the region of 35 GB and 15 GB respectively. While that’s much closer to RE7’s current file size of 24.1 GB (Ethan’s first adventure wasn’t bundled with an online mode), it’s still a noteworthy increase, especially as a sizeable portion of the latter represents post-launch story DLC.

Generally speaking, this isn’t an exceptionally large total, though it’s certainly indicative of a meatier experience than most recent entries in the survival horror franchise. Indeed, 2019’s RE2 Remake necessitated in the ballpark of 21 GB to account for four individual narratives (two each for Leon and Claire) a format that this year’s installment is rumored to follow somewhat, with Ethan believed to be one of three playable protagonists.

While the above is applicable to Xbox One and Series X|S owners, there’s a relatively high chance that users on Steam and PlayStation could be required to keep more or less free space to accommodate the title, a discrepancy which we’ll be sure to notify folks of when possible.

Resident Evil Village arrives on May 7th for all of the aforementioned platforms and will be preceded by a universal demo. All pre-orders will receive a number of in-game bonuses, including a Survival Resources Pack and the Mr. Raccoon Weapon Charm. See here for a summary of the various editions currently available.