New Apex Legends Bug Gives Player Thousands Of Free Premium Currency

Apex Legends

Bugs and glitches are commonplace in always online, frequently updated games like Apex Legends, but not all of them are considered game-breaking. Not in the traditional sense, at least.

As per recent accounts provided by one player over on Reddit, it appears that a lucky few individuals are receiving massive windfalls of the battle royale’s premium currency without spending a penny. Describing the bizarre occurrence on behalf of their friend on the site, Hagennn reports how their buddy, following a premature lobby disconnect, found themselves the recipient of 7,000 Apex Coins.

Naturally, some of those responding to the thread voiced their skepticism over the bug’s authenticity, to which Hagenn replied by divulging the steps leading up to the happy accident. “We joined a lobby, both got kicked, and he got the currency,” they said, before adding, “so, believe me, I wish I could have replicated it too,” in response to disbelievers.

Despite initially believing the strange turn of events to be a one-off, several other players have since responded with claims of being affected by similar circumstances, one of which is noted to be several months old. Strange then, that Respawn has yet to fix the loophole, as players receiving large sums of free currency at its expense isn’t exactly ideal. It does seem, however, that the steps required to replicate the exploit are unreliable so there’s every chance that the developer simply considers it a low priority fix.

We’ll ultimately have to wait and see if the studio considers this latest outbreak of unintended in-game behaviour widespread enough to be addressed, but should it happen to you, it’s probably best to contact EA customer support before going on a spending spree.

In related news, Respawn recently outlined a number of progressions changes inbound for Apex Legends tomorrow, December 3rd. See here for all the details.