Suicide Squad Game Officially Announced By Rocksteady


As the ongoing rumors quite rightly suggested, Rocksteady Studios is in the midst of creating a new game based in the DC universe, though it’s almost certainly not what you might have expected.

Not long after the release of Arkham Knight way back in 2015, the studio confirmed it’d be handing stewardship of Batman over to Warner Bros. Montréal and moving on to pursue new projects. The assumption, ever since, of course, has been that the developer continues to be entrenched in the DC franchise, only this time, with the focus being on a different superhero altogether. Despite numerous leaks suggesting as such, titles featuring Superman and/or the Justice League were repeatedly shot down, only further increasing fans’ desires to discover exactly what the developer had planned.

Ironically, the latter wasn’t too far from the truth – the fandom was simply looking at the wrong end of the moral spectrum. As confirmed in a Twitter post just moments ago, Rocksteady’s long-awaited next production is, in fact, centred around the Suicide Squad.

In what’s undoubtedly a tongue-in-cheek jab at those responsible for the rumor mill, the Man of Steel himself takes centre stage in this teaser, with what appears to be the game’s logo being presented in the form of crosshairs – a direct reference to the anti-hero team’s leader, Deadshot. Will the player’s main objective be to take down the indestructible Kryptonian? Who knows, but we likely won’t have to wait long in order to learn more. Accompanying the gorgeous poster is a short caption that reads: “Target locked – #DCFanDome – August 22.”

For those unaware, the hashtag refers to a digital-only event due to be hosted by Warner Bros. as an alternative to its cancelled E3 conference. It’s also here that we’re expecting to finally see Montréal’s Batman game, too, so brace yourself for one hell of a show.