Rocksteady’s Rumored Superman Game May Be An Xbox Series X Exclusive

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

Somehow, Rocksteady Studios has managed to achieve the impossible.

Despite doing its absolute best to spoil the surprise ahead of time, the internet has – so far, at least; there’s always time –  failed to discern just what, exactly, the acclaimed developer is currently working on. Ever since it wrapped up work on Batman: Arkham Knight back in 2015, rumors have been flying around online with abandon, with one particularly popular theory involving a certain DC character. Credited for essentially singlehandedly bucking the trend of awful superhero video game adaptations, fans are hoping that the comic book giant has seen fit to entrust Rocksteady with the task of giving Superman the same treatment as that of Gotham’s Dark Knight.

How likely is such an outcome? With little to no hard facts to go on, we truly can’t say either way, though one insider appears to have finally provided an answer.

NeoGAF user OsirisBlack, who has established something of a reputation for themselves as a reputable leaker, recently reignited hopes that Rocksteady is spearheading a project featuring the Man of Steel himself.

When specifically asked by another commenter if they believed Microsoft would have a strong third-party showing at this year’s E3, Osiris responds in kind with a series of cryptic video links. The answer is about as non-committal and vague as you’d expect of someone potentially leaking industry secrets, of course, and one of the clips in question included is none other than Hans Zimmers’ Man of Steel soundtrack. A dedicated adventure starring the Kryptonian is the most obvious solution to Osiris’ riddle, but that’s certainly not the only possible outcome. Both Justice League and Suicide Squad have been posed as other alternatives that Rocksteady could be working away on behind closed doors, the former of which would still fit the bill.

Sadly, that’s all the whistleblower is able (or willing) to share at this time, so we’ll likely just have to wait and see how accurate the leaks turn out to be when E3 rolls around later this year. In the meantime, however, be sure to let us know what you’d like to see from a triple-A Superman title in the comments below!