Supergirl Takes On Black Adam And Superman In Latest Injustice 2 Trailer


All’s not well with the House of El in the latest trailer to be released for Injustice 2. As we know by now thanks to previous videos released by NetherRealm and Warner Bros., Superman isn’t exactly going to be a happy chappy in the beat ’em up sequel, with the Man of Steel seemingly intent on making enemies of his past friends, having already traded blows with the Dark Knight on more than one occasion.

With Batman clearly having failed to talk some sense into his former ally, it’s now Supergirl’s turn to try and bring clarity to her angry cousin’s troubled mind. Exploring the origins of the character’s arrival on Earth, Shattered Alliances Part 3 has Kara Zor-El trading blows with her blood relative, after attempts to give him a stern talking-to clearly don’t go to plan.

Besides that, viewers are also treated to a spectacle-laden action sequence between Supergirl and Black Adam which, at one point sees the former forcibly thrown into a pyramid. Thankfully, Supergirl emerges a few moments later to exact some revenge by giving the villain a one-way ticket into space. I could go on describing the moment to moment events that unfold in the trailer, but you really should give it a watch for yourself above.

Injustice 2 is out May 16 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and is all set to include a diverse set of characters from all corners of the DC universe. Alongside the iconic faces you’ll see above, the lesser known Swamp Thing, Cheetah and Blue Beetle are all confirmed to star.

For the two previous parts of NetherRealm’s Shattered Alliances series, see here.