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Survival Is The Name Of The Game In Trailer For The Division’s Next Expansion

New York is engulfed in a icy blizzard in the latest trailer for The Division's Survival expansion. It'll hit PS4, Xbox One and PC before the year's end.

Agents, take heed; Ubisoft has premiered the chilling reveal trailer for Survival, the second paid expansion due to go live for The Division before the year’s end.

Drawing attention to the bitter-cold weather conditions, Survival will task Agents with persevering through icy temperatures and widespread disease – as if life in Ubisoft’s post-pandemic New York wasn’t harrowing enough. There’s also mention of a new 24-player survival mode, which has users┬áduke it out equipped with low-level gear and nothing else.

Following up on the release of Underground, Ubisoft’s official description of the sophomore expansion reads as so:

“In this new expansion, players will face extreme conditions after their chopper is taken down by a snowstorm. As Division agents, they have information about a potential cure for the pandemic and they will need to be extracted from the Dark Zone. Finding warm clothes, supplies, food, water and medicine will be vital to their success. However, the environment is not the only danger out there; players must also be aware of 23 other agents and face off against the Hunters, a new mysterious and deadly enemy who is always one step ahead of them.”

Survival was initially on course to arrive during the summer months, before Ubisoft opted to postpone the add-on in a bid to rectify many of the “lingering issues” that loomed over the core experience. Last Stand was affected by the delay, too.

Prepare to endure the harsh Manhattan winter when The Division‘s Survival DLC launches for PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year. Last Stand, the third and final expansion, will then arrive during the early stages of 2017.

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