Swanky Collector’s Edition For The Last Guardian Appears On Amazon

We haven’t seen hide or bird-dog-hair of The Last Guardian since 2009, and many understandably believed we never again would. The game’s protracted development, along with the departure of director Fumito Ueda, meant any return of The Last Guardian would likely be a compromised one. But the new gameplay demo Sony showed off during its press conference quieted many long-standing concerns about the game, even going so far as to put Ueda’s name back on the product. The trailer showcases a game very much like the one teased back in 2009, just on shiny new PS4 hardware, and with actual gameplay. Assuming there aren’t any more delays, 2016 will be the year that The Last Guardian proves whether it was worth the wait and drama.


A special collector’s edition of Team ICO’s long-awaited The Last Guardian has appeared on Amazon ahead of the game’s release on October 25, 2016. Having been in development for almost a decade, the spiritual successor to 2005’s Shadow Of The Colossus resurfaced at last year’s E3 after a long absence looking better than ever, and then again yesterday at this year’s E3, where the release date was announced to rapturous applause from the crowd present at Sony’s keynote conference.

Included in the plush special edition is a Steelbook game case, soundtrack and a statue of the unnamed infant boy we’ll presumably be playing as and Trico – the hybrid animal seen in the multiple gameplay trailers. Furthermore, a 72-page art book will be included, and all the contents will be packaged together in a special box.

See below for all the product details:

  • Premium Steelbook Game Case + Blu-Ray Game Disc
  • Premium Statue
  • 72-Page Art Book
  • Digital Soundtrack (10 Tracks)
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Collector’s Box

In case you missed it yesterday, you can watch the brand new gameplay footage of The Last Guardian released yesterday below. The collector’s edition, meanwhile, is available to pre-order now and costs $119.99.