Teamwork Is Paramount In New Clip For Grand Theft Auto Online Heists

Heists. It’s a word that’s as exciting as it frustrating for ardent fans of Grand Theft Auto Online, given how the feature was jettisoned from GTA V‘s initial release back in September of 2013 to allow Rockstar time to perfect its vision for the ambitious multiplayer mode. Now, that vision has almost reached its final form, with the studio gearing up to debut the postponed feature on March 10.

And to whet the appetite of the game’s fanbase, Rockstar has debuted the following teaser clip.

A few days ago, we learned that March 10 won’t just herald the release of Heists, as Grand Theft Auto Online is set to get a trio of new player vs. player modes not to mention daily challenges and additional content. Those three gameplay modes in question will come in the form of Come Out to Play, Siege Mentality and Hasta La Vista, mixing up survival-based elements with the classic and indeed bonkers feel of Rockstar’s online opus.

At long last, Heists will be implemented into Grand Theft Auto Online on March 10, while the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V will make its bow on April 14 after a trio of delays.