The Last Of Us: New Trailer, Pre-Order Bonus, Box Art, And Multiplayer

Following up on Friday’s The Last of Us release date announcement at the Spike Video Game Awards, Naughty Dog took to the PlayStation Blog last night to reveal several new details about the upcoming survival adventure title.

In addition to the game’s official box art (seen above), Naughty Dog detailed all the extra bonuses that players will get when they pre-order The Last of Us from “participating retailers”. The basic pre-order bonus is being called the “Sights and Sounds Pack” which includes the following items in addition to a copy of the game:

  • The official soundtrack of the game
  • A PS3 dynamic theme featuring the cover art
  • Two avatars for your PSN profile – Winter Joel and Winter Ellie

On top of that, GameStop has secured an exclusive pre-order incentive called the “Survival Pack”, which includes all the items in the “Sights and Sounds Pack” plus the following bonus content:

  • Bonus experience points for multiplayer
  • A multiplayer melee attack booster
  • Some extra starting in-game cash
  • Special customizable character items for multiplayer
  • Two special bonus skins for Joel and Ellie which will be unlocked after your complete the single player campaign

GameStop’s exclusive pre-order bonuses also happen to confirm that The Last of Us will feature some kind of multiplayer mode. Naughty Dog stated that they are not yet ready to reveal any details about the game’s multiplayer, but promised that the news will come before the game’s May 7, 2013 release date.

Finally, Naughty Dog also officially released The Last of Us‘ latest trailer that was first aired at the Spike Video Game Awards last Friday. The trailer focuses on the game’s story and provides a bit of background as to how and why Joel and Ellie are traveling together across post-apocalyptic America. The trailer is also notable for giving us our first good look at the game’s infected enemies, which have so far not played a huge role in the title’s pre-release footage.

Check out The Last of Us‘ story trailer below, and look for more on Naughty Dog’s latest game as we get closer to its May 7th release date.

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