The Last Of Us Demo Hits The PlayStation Network On May 31st

Sony has announced that the demo for their upcoming survival adventure title, The Last of Us, will be released on the PlayStation Network on May 31, 2013, with a catch. To get an early taste of Naughty Dog’s mind-blowing cordyceps fungus, you will need to have purchased a pre-order for God of War: Ascension. Considering the latest God of War title launches in just a few days, this is something that you are going to need to hop on quick like a bunny.

Assuming you bite on Sony’s marketing bait and pre-order God of War: Ascension, you can unlock Naughty Dog’s demo by popping the game disc into the old PlayStation 3 and searching out The Last of Us listing on the main menu. Selecting the listing will then take you to set of double secret instructions, which must be followed in order to download the demo on May 31st.

Neither Sony or Naughty Dog has announced if The Last of Us demo will be made available for non-God of War: Ascension pre-order buyers prior to the game’s launch on June 14th. Considering that the time frame for the “early access” runs about two weeks, we are not exactly counting on it. After all, anything less than the full two weeks would not be much of a bonus.

While I’m incredibly excited to get my hands on The Last of Us, I’m going to go ahead and skip pre-ordering God of War: Ascension. I’ve never been a huge fan of the God of War franchise, and I’d prefer to go into Naughty Dog’s new IP with as little before hand knowledge as possible.

God of War: Ascension and its marketing spiritual partner The Last of Us hit retailers on March 12th and June 14th, respectively. Let us know in the comments if you are planning to take part in any of the upcoming synergy festivities.

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