Buy God Of War: Ascension, Get First Dibs On The Last Of Us Demo

Sony announced a new promotion for God of War: Ascension today, which gives anyone who purchases the upcoming game early access to a free demo for The Last of Us.

According to the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, gamers looking to get an early taste of Naughty Dog’s survival adventure title will first need to buy God of War: Ascension when the game launches this March. Once you have completed the transaction with your favorite retailer, you will then need to pop the Ascension disc into your PlayStation 3 and look for The Last of Us listing on the main menu. Selecting the listing will not load up the demo, but will instead take you to a set of instructions that will tell you exactly how you can get the demo when it becomes available at an unspecified “later date”.

The announcement did not provide any hints as to when The Last of Us demo would become available for God of War: Ascension buyers, nor did it state how much of a head start they would get before it becomes available for everyone to download. Considering that there is less than a two month window between the release of the two titles — Ascension launches on March 12th and Naughty Dog’s game lands on May 7th — the window for exclusive access to the demo appears to be relatively short.

With that in mind, the promotion seems to be a nice extra for anyone who was already planning to buy God of War: Ascension at launch but not worth the money for those who are only interested in getting an early look at The Last of Us.

Personally, I’m neither a fan of the God of War series or demos for games that I have on my “most anticipated” list, so I’ll happily be skipping over this promotion and feel content to simply ogle over the new The Last of Us screenshots in the gallery below. Let us know if you plan on getting in on the early access to the demo in the comments section.