The ‘Star Wars: Eclipse’ cinematic trailer is here

Lucas Films Games

Star Wars fans rejoice as Eclipse, a new game, is on the horizon. The multi-player game from Lucasfilm Games will be the first set in The High Republic.

Eclipse will feature unique new characters and an origin story likely to blow fans’ minds as well as stunning locations and epic space fights. Throughout the trailer, fans were also given a glimpse at some memorable characters and a blink and you’ll miss it peak at Yoda looking pensively out a window.

The player’s choices will be the heart of the experience, and each decision will dramatically impact the course of the story, giving players the chance to forge their own legend in the golden age of Jedi in the narrative game.

The Star Wars: Eclipse trailer premiered during the Game Awards on Tuesday night.

The game is still in early development at David Cage’s Quantic Dream, the studio behind Detroit: Become Human, Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain, and the unfortunately titled Omikron featuring David Bowie. No release date has been announced.