The Walking Dead: Episode 4 PS3 Save Error Patch Released

Telltale has released a patch for The Walking Dead on the PlayStation 3, fixing a major bug that was corrupting some player’s game saves in Episode 4 –  Around Every Corner.

The announcement of the v1.03 patch release came last night on the developer’s forums, and it should already be downloaded for PlayStation Plus members who have automatic updates turned on.

For anyone who has not yet downloaded the patch, Telltale states that you will need to exit to the XMB and then relaunch the game. As The Walking Dead starts up you will be prompted to install the new patch. After the installation has completed you can start up and play the game from where you left off.

Anyone who received the corrupted save message and exited to the XMD will need to install the patch and then rewind back 1 checkpoint before continuing with The Walking Dead: Episode 4.