These Are The Star Wars Battlefront Screens You’re Looking For

Barely 24 hours have passed since EA and DICE kicked off its closed alpha for Star Wars Battlefront and already a flurry of information and gameplay clips have found their way online. Inevitably, both parties have been scouring the Internet in an attempt to curb the leak – particularly gameplay footage, which gets yanked from YouTube within seconds of begin uploaded.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that every inkling of information has been locked behind closed doors, though, with a fresh batch of high-res screens emerging earlier today. Showcasing the beautiful yet arid vistas of Tatooine, the images themselves are a marvel to behold, and underline just how loyal DICE is remaining to the source material in its hotly-anticipated title.


From what we gather, this gameplay was captured within Battlefront‘s sprawling multiplayer segment, charting the raging battle between The Empire and the Rebel Alliance in near-unprecedented detail. It’s difficult to wean any further details from the screens above, though it appears that the game mode demonstrated is built around a Conquest-styled set-up.

Thanks to a group of ardent fans mining the alpha’s download files, the Internet has been awash with speculation about some of the weaponry and vehicles making their way into Star Wars Battlefront. And while this playable vertical slice doesn’t necessarily represent the final product, those that dug a little deeper unearthed a list of vehicles that will be familiar to fans of the series: T-65 X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Lambda Shuttle, Y-Wing, Tie-Bomber, Corellian Corvette, Nebulon B Frigate, ISD (Imperial Star Destroyer), AT-ST, AT-AT, TIE Interceptor, 74-Z Speeder Bike.

Star Wars Battlefront will whisk us to a galaxy far, far away when DICE’s ambitious shooter touches down on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 17.