New Thor Video Game Reportedly In Development

Thor Ragnarok
Image via Marvel Studios

Marvel’s Thor could soon be showing up in his own standalone video game.

That’s according to prolific insider Daniel Richtman, at least, who claims to have learned from his sources that the God of Thunder is going solo for a new adventure game presumably headed to consoles and PC. Unfortunately, what we don’t know is just about everything else, as Richtman is either unwilling or unable to provide further specifics. It’s entirely possible, however, that the folks behind Crystal Dynamics could be leading the project as they already have ample experience with the IP. Conversely, the developer’s first shot at creating a superpowered live service hasn’t exactly gone as planned, with publisher Square Enix revealing last year that lower-than-expected sales had resulted in it suffering substantial financial losses.

That undesirable outcome has largely been attributed to a lack of endgame content and gameplay variety as opposed to poor quality, though, and a title focused specifically on a single Avenger would almost certainly solve the issue of shallow-feeling skill trees and combat options.

That’s all assuming the God of Thunder isn’t being handled by another studio, of course, and should that be the case, well, the list of possibilities is blown wide open, to say the least.

As for why Thor has been chosen over, say, Captain America, Hulk, or any other member of the superhero team, we’re willing to bet it’s because his arsenal lends well to the usual trappings (XP, skills, unlocks, gear, etc.) and opens up the possibility, too, of players being able to explore the rarely seen realm of Asgard. In any case, we’ll be keeping ears close to the ground for signs of any movement on this one, but in the meantime, let us know down below what you make of this rumor.