It’s Time To Get Acquainted With All Six Of Titanfall 2’s Titans


A new action-packed gameplay trailer for Titanfall 2 has been released today courtesy of Respawn Entertainment, that showcases the weapons and abilities for each of the shooter’s six Titans – otherwise known as hulking mountains of metal that wield guns bigger than your house.

With double the amount of titans on offer over the original, Respawn appears to have placed far greater emphasis on each model having a completely unique feel and playstyle and judging by the trailer, we have to say that it looks like they’ve nailed it.

As anyone who’s participated in either of Titanfall 2′s tech tests will know, the so-called Scorch and Ion titan models have already been available to try, with the former seemingly an all-round mech that has incredible burst damage by way of its super attack expelling a giant laser that can probably melt rock. The latter, Scorch, is a slow, lumbering giant that “manipulates fire as it’s primary source of defensive and offensive abilities.”

With those two dealt with, here’s the lowdown on the four remaining titans.

  • Tone: Tone is about accurately laying waste to enemies both efficiently – and explosively.
  • Northstar: Northstar is a master of both flight and precision kills.
  • Legion: Legion utilizes an assortment of ballistic abilities focusing on defense and control.
  • Ronin: Ronin loves getting up close with it’s samurai vibe, and quick to get in and out tactics.

We’re no experts, but we’re willing to hazard a guess that Ronin will quickly become a fan favorite among the playerbase. After all, who doesn’t want to slice an enemy titan in half with a gigantic samurai sword?

Titanfall 2 orbit drops onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 28. Take a look at the trailer above and let us know which one you’ll be piloting first on release day.